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Ismeme: Ankylosaurus Historian
In an alternate reality there exists a world quite like our own Earth.  In this world, the dinosaurs never went extinct, and the climate never changed.  Over time the dinosaurs evolved and they acquired  the ability to communicate with a complex language system.  Additionally, dinosaur society changed.  Now, the dinosaurs have a wide range of professions: academic, military, medicine, culinary arts, stone architect, ect.  The modern professions are balanced with the old ways of basic survival, eating, and reproduction.
Now let's turn our attention to one resident of this world…
Ismeme is a member of the Ankylosaurus clan of dinosaurs.  She shares many of the traits typical of her clan of dinosaurs: walks on all fours, eats plant life, possesses armor, and uses a clubbed tail for defense.  Additionally, their bodies are low-slung and wide and weigh around 13,000 pounds.
Beyond these typical tr
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Supergirl by JohnMichael007 Supergirl :iconjohnmichael007:JohnMichael007 23 0 Supergirl At Convention by JohnMichael007 Supergirl At Convention :iconjohnmichael007:JohnMichael007 19 12 Supergirl Justice by JohnMichael007 Supergirl Justice :iconjohnmichael007:JohnMichael007 22 6 Superhero by JohnMichael007 Superhero :iconjohnmichael007:JohnMichael007 22 8 Bringing a Heroine to Life by JohnMichael007 Bringing a Heroine to Life :iconjohnmichael007:JohnMichael007 17 5
Fear On Campus
Fear on Campus
By: John Michael
Kara Zor El was rocketed to Earth as a young girl after the people of Argo City—the surviving chunk of the destroyed planet Krypton—perished from Kryptonite poisoning.  On Earth Kara gained super powers from the Earth’s Yellow Sun just like her cousin Superman.  Kara took up the identity of Linda Lee Danvers, and is currently majoring in art at Stanhope University.  And in her other identity she battles for Truth, Justice, and the American Way as the amazing Supergirl!
Prologue:  Arkham Asylum
“Well, Doctor Jonathan Crane, I pronounce you fit to reenter society.  You are finally cured of your mental pathologies, and obsession with fear and phobias,” said Doctor Gregory Gordon.
“Thank you Doctor,” replied Crane.
“Where will you do now Doctor Crane?”
“As far away from the Batman as I can.  So I can have a fresh start.  Gotham City and I h
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Supergirl Tribute Poem
Supergirl Tribute
I'm sometimes known as the Maid of Might,
And all I want to do is make the world all right.
Or I'm known as the Girl of Steel,
But is that who I am for real?
I think I'm most proud as just being Kara,
And staying true to myself in this modern era.
I am the one who takes flight,
And who knocks out villains in a fight!
One of the things that keeps me going and always motivates me,
Is whenever somebody says I'm a symbol of who they want to be.
And really doesn't that make the whole hero thing worthwhile,
And saving the world one person at a time in style?
:iconjohnmichael007:JohnMichael007 6 3
Supergirl Poem
Kara's Poem
As Supergirl I face challenges big and small,
and I always stand tall.
I love being a role model for people like little Alice,
and stopping people full of malice.
When I'm Supergirl I can take flight,
and make what is wrong in the world right.
As Linda Lee I never know what to expect,
and can never quite express what I feel correct.
Romance is confusing enough,
but the villains make it even more tough.
So many people depend on me,
but on my dream date I cannot just be.
Maybe one day Rick will believe,
and understand that I did not want to leave.
His heart I didn't want to break,
and my dual lives as Supergirl and Linda sometimes make my heart ache.
One of these days I hope these conflicting dual lives can combine,
and that I will have a life as a whole person that is truly mine.
:iconjohnmichael007:JohnMichael007 6 3
Happy Birthday Supergirl by JohnMichael007 Happy Birthday Supergirl :iconjohnmichael007:JohnMichael007 13 6


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John Michael
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Favourite cartoon character: Kara Zor El


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